Pie It
Bake It


We partner with Salem Food Pantry to provide freshly-baked pies and pastries for Easter and Thanksgiving food baskets distributed to lower income families.

Last year we  provided over 110 pies for Thanksgiving baskets and 136 freshly baked breads and pastries for Easter baskets.

These projects grow each year with greater participation from the community in providing these homemade goods.

Calling all Bakers!
To donate home-made pies for the Thanksgiving Food Baskets provided by the Salem/Roanoke County Food Pantry.  Share your baking talents and family favorite recipes in Christian love with those in need in our community.  Have a pie-making project with your family, scouts, classrooms, etc.

†   Suggestions include pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, pecan.   
       Other fruit pies or crisps and pumpkin rolls accepted; please
       no cream or meringue pies.  Sugar-free varieties welcome.

†    Deliver pies to College Lutheran Church, 210 South College Ave.
                             Sun, Nov 18                             7 – 9 pm     
                             Mon, Nov 19    7 – 9 am    7 – 9 pm
                            Tues, Nov 20                            7 – 9 pm
                             Wed, Nov 21    7 – 9 am

For further information, contact Grace Casola at College Lutheran:
389-4963 or [email protected]